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Original painting by Olena Mcmurtrey

Oil on custom board 24x60


I love wandering city streets with no destination, taking in lights of dreams, desires, and fears. The more I feel lost, the more feeling of home a city will bring me. It's build by everyone for everyone, you can blend in and get lost in a slow charm of symmetry between streets. A glamor of it - a perfection, never boredom, and gentle grace of days that are gone. #olenamcmurtrey


The bodywork of cityscapes was inspired by my time living in the beehive of the Big Apple, Los Angeles, and later in the City by the Bay during my grad school. There is something magical when the sun sets exactly along the cross streets in coastal cities, beaming sunrays into shattered reflections of a concrete jungle. For precision to bring the grid of cityscapes into a dance with light, oils are my favorite choice.

Rhythms of the city

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