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Per many requests from customers, adding a new product:


Limited edition of small 4X4 Prints of the original painting by Olena McMurtrey, mounted on a board and sealed in art resin. Art resin protects the print and adds some shine and depth.


It's cute and makes a nice gift; I have a few at home, and it adds a cool touch for interior decorations. 


Please note lightness/darkness of the sealed print might vary based on the unique resin seal - usually, it's little bit darker.

4X4 Print in Resin - Color Edition, 12 options

  • Return&Refund Policy: due to the global pandemic, only paintings over 18" are eligible for return/refund.

    Please make sure you would like a small painting to find a forever home with you before purchasing. I can send you a short video of the painting upon request; please contact me at

    If you are very unhappy with the purchase, contact me, and we'll resolve it.

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